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XLink processor

The XLink processor is a lightweight but complete XLink event handling system. A SAX event handler with an XBRLAPI XLink Processor will trigger an XLink event for any XLink element (start or finish). The XLink processor expects an XLink event handler to be provided. That XLink event handler should implement the functionality desired of the XLink structure.

All features of XLink including simple and extended links are handled. It is also pFree Open-Source Softwareible to define your own custom link recogniser that will be able to operate within the XLink processor to recognise non XLink defined syntax for simple links.

The XLink processor comes with an XLinkHandler that does XLink syntax validation.

To use the XLink validator, try running it as follows (making sure that the necessary XBRLAPI jars are on your class path):

java org.xbrlapi.xlink.Validator [OPTIONS]

Where the OPTIONS are either the parameter -f followed by the file name of the file to be validated or -u followed by the URI of the file to be validated.

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