Package org.xbrlapi.xlink

Defines the contract to be met by the XLink processor.

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Package org.xbrlapi.xlink Description

Defines the contract to be met by the XLink processor.

This package contains a set of interfaces that define the contract for the XLink functionality required to compile an XBRL discoverable taxonomy set.

Package Specification

The XLink functionality are intended to provide a comprehensive set of functions relating to the processing of simple and extended (3rd party) extended links.

Because XLinking can often (as is seen in the case of XBRL) be augmented with other kinds of linking syntaxes, the XLink interfaces also provide a means for the XLink syntax to be augmented with a set of custom linking syntaxes.

For example, XBRL treats XML Schema import and include elements as simple links from the perspective of a link processor that is required to compile an XBRL discoverable taxonomy set.

Because the XLink specification only sets out the syntax and semantics for X-links but is silent on what should be produced by an XLink processor, the XLink processor has been implemented in much the same way that the SAX parser has been implemented. It recognises XLink events (the start and end of XLink elements) and the content of XLink Title elements and then triggers XLink events that are handled by an XLinkHandler. The XLink Handler is responsible for making the desired responses to XLink syntax explicit.

This user responsiveness extends to handling of XLink errors. Any XLink specification violations result in an error message being passed to the error event handler in the XLinkHandler. This give the XLink handler control over how the error is to be dealt with, stopping the parsing process or continuing in some way. Java library providing XBRL functionality Copyright (C) 2005, Geoffrey Shuetrim (

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