Defines the contract to be met by data storage implementations.

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Package Description

Defines the contract to be met by data storage implementations.

This package contains a set of interfaces that define the contract that is expected of all underlying XBRL data representations that can work with the XBRLAPI Java implementation.

Package Specification

By defining appropriate classes that fully implement these interfaces for a particular XBRL data storage solution, that data storage solution can be used with this XBRLAPI Java implementation.

The API implementation classes all use the functions defined in these interfaces rather than functions specific to a particular data structure.

The functions defined in these interfaces are defined as methods of that DataManagement class. Each discoverable taxonomy set will utilise an implementation of the Data instance to handle all interactions with the underlying data structure.

The data interface defines a marshalling operation that returns, given a fragment, that fragment and the fragments that it contains, recombined into a single XML tree structure.

The base store implementation is an abstract class that provides some of the basic store functionality that will be generic across many of the different underlying data representation approaches. In particular the DTS serialization functionality is provided. Implementations should consider extending this base class. Java library providing XBRL functionality

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