Implements the data store using eXist (

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Package Description

Implements the data store using eXist (

This package implements the DBConnection and Store interfaces using eXist as the underlying data representation.

Package Specification

Getting things to work with eXist can be tricky. This document sets out some of the tricks that are worth keeping in mind.

Clashes in jars used by eXist and XBRLAPI

The XML content from resources in the data store can be corrupted if the xmlrpc and xmldb jar files are not identical in eXist and the XBRLAPI. This can be sorted out by copying the jar files in eXist across to the XBRLAPI java/lib directory.

eXist resources return content as a DOM by returning the document node rather than the root element. This means that the document should be recovered simply by recasting the Node returned by a resource to a Document object.

log4j setup

Some of the eXist classes use log4j loggers. These need to be configured properly if you are to avoid irritating messages being sent to the console. Configuration is most easily done by copying the log4j configuration file from the eXist source and modifying the location of the log files that the loggers are set to write log messages to. Java library providing XBRL functionality

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