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ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.ConceptAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.EntityAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.LocationAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.PeriodAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.ScenarioAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.SegmentAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.TupleAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.UnitAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.ScenarioRemainderAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
ID - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.SegmentRemainderAspect
The URI uniquely identifying this concept aspect.
Identifier - Interface in org.xbrlapi.sax.identifiers
The fragment identifier interface is implemented by any class that is to be used by a SAX content handler to identify fragments.
Ideographic - Static variable in interface org.xbrlapi.xpointer.PointerGrammarConstants
RegularExpression Id.
IDGenerator - Class in org.xbrlapi.aspects
Generates semantic IDs based on element content of segment/scenario/typed dimension structures.
IDGenerator() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.aspects.IDGenerator
ignorableWhitespace(char[], int, int) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.sax.ContentHandlerImpl
Ignore ignorable whitespace
ignorableWhitespace(char[], int, int) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.sax.DTDHandler.tests.framework.Handler
image - Variable in class org.xbrlapi.xpointer.Token
The string image of the token.
incrementFragmentId() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.loader.LoaderImpl
initialise() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.aspects.AspectModel
Initialises the aspects and the aspect value labellers in the aspect model.
initialise() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.AspectModelImpl
initialise() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.StandardAspectModel
initialise() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.StandardAspectModelWithMemoryCachingLabellers
initialise() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.StandardAspectModelWithStoreCachingLabellers
initialise() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.DimensionalAspectModelImpl
initialise() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.DimensionalAspectModelWithMemoryCachingLabellers
initialise() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.DimensionalAspectModelWithStoreCachingLabellers
initialise() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.GreedyDimensionalAspectModelImpl
InMemoryMatcherImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.data.resource
The in-memory resource matcher implementation, for use with the DOM data store implementation.
InMemoryMatcherImpl(Cache) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.data.resource.InMemoryMatcherImpl
InMemoryMatcherTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.data.resource.tests
Provides a base test case for tests involving the XML DOM data store.
InMemoryMatcherTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.data.resource.tests.InMemoryMatcherTestCase
Instance - Interface in org.xbrlapi
InstanceContextSummaryTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the period summary methods of the Instance interface.
InstanceContextSummaryTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.InstanceContextSummaryTestCase
InstanceImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
InstanceImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.InstanceImpl
InstanceSchemaRefElementUsageForSchemaValidationTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests
Added to enable testing of XBRL instance loading problems with XML Schema validation identified by Matthew DeAngelis.
InstanceSchemaRefElementUsageForSchemaValidationTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests.InstanceSchemaRefElementUsageForSchemaValidationTestCase
InstanceTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the implementation of the org.xbrlapi.Instance interface.
InstanceTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.InstanceTestCase
instantHasTimezone() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.PeriodImpl
instantHasTimezone() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Period
instantIsDateOnly() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.PeriodAspectValue
instantIsDateOnly() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.PeriodImpl
instantIsDateOnly() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Period
InStoreMatcherImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.data.resource
The in-store resource matcher implementation, for use with the persistent store implementations.
InStoreMatcherImpl(Store, Cache) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.data.resource.InStoreMatcherImpl
InStoreMatcherTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.data.resource.tests
Provides a base test case for tests involving the XML DOM data store.
InStoreMatcherTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.data.resource.tests.InStoreMatcherTestCase
internalEntityDecl(String, String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.sax.DTDHandler.tests.framework.Handler
isa(String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.XMLImpl
isa(Class<?>) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.XMLImpl
isa(String) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.XML
isa(Class<?>) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.XML
isAbstract() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ComplexTypeDeclaration
isAbstract() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ElementDeclaration
isAbstract() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ComplexTypeDeclarationImpl
isAbstract() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ElementDeclarationImpl
isAncestorOf(Fragment) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Fragment
isAncestorOf(Fragment) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.FragmentImpl
isBlockingExtension() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ComplexTypeDeclaration
isBlockingExtension() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ElementDeclaration
isBlockingExtension() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ComplexTypeDeclarationImpl
isBlockingExtension() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ElementDeclarationImpl
isBlockingRestriction() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ComplexTypeDeclaration
isBlockingRestriction() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ElementDeclaration
isBlockingRestriction() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ComplexTypeDeclarationImpl
isBlockingRestriction() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ElementDeclarationImpl
isBlockingSubstitution() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ElementDeclaration
isBlockingSubstitution() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ElementDeclarationImpl
isBuildingAFragment() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.loader.Loader
isBuildingAFragment() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.loader.LoaderImpl
isCacheURI(URI) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.cache.Cache
Tests if a URI is a URI of a resource in the local cache.
isCacheURI(URI) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.cache.CacheImpl
isChild() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Fragment
isChild() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.FragmentImpl
isClosedCube(Relationship) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.validation.XDTAnalyser
isDerivedFrom(TypeDeclaration) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.TypeDeclarationImpl
isDerivedFrom(String, String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.TypeDeclarationImpl
isDerivedFrom(String, String) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.TypeDeclaration
isDerivedFrom(TypeDeclaration) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.TypeDeclaration
isDiscovering() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.loader.Loader
isDiscovering() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.loader.LoaderImpl
isDuration() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.PeriodAspectValue
isElementFormQualified() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.SchemaImpl
isElementFormQualified() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Schema
Checks if the element form is qualified.
isExplicitDimension() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.xdt.Dimension
isExplicitDimension() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.DimensionImpl
isExtensible() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.aspects.Aspect
isExtensible() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.AspectImpl
isExtensible() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.DimensionAspect
isFilteringByURIs() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.data.BaseStoreImpl
isFilteringByURIs() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.data.Store
isFinal() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.TypeDeclarationImpl
isFinal() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.TypeDeclaration
isFinalForExtension() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ComplexTypeDeclaration
isFinalForExtension() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ElementDeclaration
isFinalForExtension() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ComplexTypeDeclarationImpl
isFinalForExtension() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ElementDeclarationImpl
isFinalForExtension() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.TypeDeclarationImpl
isFinalForExtension() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.TypeDeclaration
isFinalForRestriction() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ComplexTypeDeclaration
isFinalForRestriction() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ElementDeclaration
isFinalForRestriction() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ComplexTypeDeclarationImpl
isFinalForRestriction() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ElementDeclarationImpl
isFinalForRestriction() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.TypeDeclarationImpl
isFinalForRestriction() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.TypeDeclaration
isFinite() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.ConceptDomain
isFinite() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.aspects.Domain
The getSize() and the getAllAspectValues methods must only be implemented if this method returns true.
isFinite() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.DomainImpl
isFinite() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.LocationDomain
isFinite() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.TupleDomain
isFiniteDuration() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.PeriodAspectValue
isFiniteDurationPeriod() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.PeriodImpl
isFiniteDurationPeriod() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Period
Returns true if the period is a duration.
isFixed() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.SchemaContentDeclarationImpl
isFixed() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.SchemaContentDeclaration
isForever() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.PeriodAspectValue
isForeverPeriod() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.PeriodImpl
isForeverPeriod() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Period
Returns true if the period is forever.
isFraction() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Fact
isFraction() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.FactImpl
isFromRoot() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.RelationshipImpl
isFromRoot() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Relationship
isGlobal() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.SchemaContentDeclarationImpl
isGlobal() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.SchemaContentDeclaration
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.ConceptDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.aspects.Domain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.EntityDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.LocationDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.PeriodDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.ScenarioDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.SegmentDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.TupleDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.UnitDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.ExplicitDimensionDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.ScenarioRemainderDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.SegmentRemainderDomain
isInDomain(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.TypedDimensionDomain
isInstant() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.PeriodAspectValue
isInstantPeriod() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.PeriodImpl
isInstantPeriod() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Period
Returns true if the period is an instant.
isItem() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ElementDeclaration
isItem() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ElementDeclarationImpl
isLeaf(String) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.networks.Network
isLeaf(String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.networks.NetworkImpl
isLink(String, String, String, Attributes) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.CustomLinkRecogniserImpl
Added the ability to detect custom links from typed dimensions to their domain declarations.
isLink(String, String, String, Attributes) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xlink.CustomLinkRecogniser
Returns true if the element with the supplied characteristics is a custom simple link.
isLink(String, String, String, Attributes) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xlink.handler.XBRLCustomLinkRecogniserImpl
isLoading() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.data.BaseStoreImpl
isLoading() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.data.Store
isMissing() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.aspects.AspectValue
This method must be implemented by each concrete aspect value class.
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.ConceptAspectValue
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.EntityAspectValue
There is no such thing as a missing concept aspect value.
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.LocationAspectValue
There is no such thing as a missing location aspect value.
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.PeriodAspectValue
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.ScenarioAspectValue
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.SegmentAspectValue
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.TupleAspectValue
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.UnitAspectValue
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.ExplicitDimensionAspectValue
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.ScenarioRemainderAspectValue
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.SegmentRemainderAspectValue
isMissing() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.TypedDimensionAspectValue
isMixed() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ComplexTypeDeclaration
isMixed() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ComplexTypeDeclarationImpl
isNewFragment() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.builder.Builder
Returns true iff the builder has not yet added an element to the fragment.
isNewFragment() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.builder.BuilderImpl
isNewFragment() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Fragment
Tests if a fragment is new in the sense that it does not have a root data element.
isNewFragment() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.FragmentImpl
isNil() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Fact
Return true if the fact has a nill value.
isNil() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.FactImpl
isNillable() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ElementDeclaration
Determine if a concept is nillable
isNillable() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ElementDeclarationImpl
isNumeric() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Concept
isNumeric() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Fact
isNumeric() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ConceptImpl
isNumeric() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.FactImpl
isNumericItemType() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.TypeDeclarationImpl
isNumericItemType() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.TypeDeclaration
ISO4217 - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.utilities.Constants
isPersistingRelationships() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.data.BaseStoreImpl
isPersistingRelationships() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.data.Store
isPopulated(String) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.aspects.FactSet
isPopulated(String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.FactSetImpl
isProhibited() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Arc
isProhibited() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ArcImpl
isProhibiting() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.RelationshipImpl
isProhibiting() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Relationship
isRoot(AspectValue) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.aspects.Domain
isRoot(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.DomainImpl
isRoot(AspectValue) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.LocationDomain
isRoot() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Fragment
isRoot() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.FragmentImpl
isRoot(String) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.networks.Network
isRoot(String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.networks.NetworkImpl
isRootLocation() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.LocationAspectValue
isScenarioCube(Relationship) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.validation.XDTAnalyser
isSegmentCube(Relationship) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.validation.XDTAnalyser
isSingular(String) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.aspects.FactSet
isSingular(String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.FactSetImpl
isToLabel() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.RelationshipImpl
isToLabel() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Relationship
isToReference() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.RelationshipImpl
isToReference() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Relationship
isTuple() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.ElementDeclaration
isTuple() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.Fact
Return true if the fact is a tuple and false otherwise
isTuple() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.ElementDeclarationImpl
isTuple() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.FactImpl
Return true if the fact is a tuple and false otherwise
isTypedDimension() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.xdt.Dimension
isTypedDimension() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.DimensionImpl
isUsableMember(Relationship) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xdt.validation.XDTAnalyser
isUsedCorrectly(Fragment) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.CustomType
isUsedCorrectly(Fragment) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.CustomTypeImpl
isUsedOn(String, String) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.CustomType
Returns true only if the arcrole can be used on the specified element
isUsedOn(String, String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.CustomTypeImpl
isUsedOn(String, String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.UsedOnImpl
isUsedOn(String, String) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.UsedOn
Returns true only if the custom role type can be used on the specified element based on this usedOn fragment.
Item - Interface in org.xbrlapi
ItemImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
ItemImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.ItemImpl
ItemTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the implementation of the org.xbrlapi.Item interface.
ItemTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.ItemTestCase
iterator() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.networks.NetworksImpl