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Fact - Interface in org.xbrlapi
FactDimensionContainer - Interface in org.xbrlapi
FactDimensionContainerImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
FactDimensionContainerImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.FactDimensionContainerImpl
FactDimensionContainerTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the implementation of the org.xbrlapi.FactDimensionContainer interface.
FactDimensionContainerTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.FactDimensionContainerTestCase
FactFootnoteArcrole - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.utilities.Constants
FactImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
FactImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.FactImpl
FactSet - Interface in org.xbrlapi.aspects
Fact Set
FactSetImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.aspects
Fact Set Implementation
FactSetImpl(AspectModel) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.aspects.FactSetImpl
FactTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the implementation of the org.xbrlapi.Fact interface.
FactTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.FactTestCase
fatalError(SAXParseException) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.sax.BaseContentHandlerImpl
fatalError(SAXParseException) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.sax.ContentHandler
Handles fatal SAX parsing exceptions.
fatalError(SAXParseException) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.sax.DTDHandler.tests.framework.Handler
fatalError(SAXParseException) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.xsd.framework.tests.XSDValidationTestCase.SimpleContentHandler
FileSchemeURITestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.cache.framework.tests
FileSchemeURITestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.cache.framework.tests.FileSchemeURITestCase
Filter - Interface in org.xbrlapi.aspects
FilterImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.aspects
FilterImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.aspects.FilterImpl
filtersOn(String) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.aspects.Filter
filtersOn(String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.aspects.FilterImpl
FindLinksToGivenDocument - Class in org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.utilities
Lists all documents that enable XBRL discovery of the document with the specified URI.
FindLinksToGivenDocument(String[]) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.utilities.FindLinksToGivenDocument
FindLocatorsWithMultipleTargetsForADocument - Class in org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.utilities
Finds all locators in a document that identify more than one locator target.
FindLocatorsWithMultipleTargetsForADocument(String[]) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.utilities.FindLocatorsWithMultipleTargetsForADocument
FootnoteResource - Interface in org.xbrlapi
FootnoteResourceImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
FootnoteResourceImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.FootnoteResourceImpl
FractionItem - Interface in org.xbrlapi
FractionItemImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
FractionItemImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.FractionItemImpl
FractionItemTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
FractionItemTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.FractionItemTestCase
Fragment - Interface in org.xbrlapi
Defines the functionality exposed by any fragment.
Fragment_LoaderDependentTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Fragment_LoaderDependentTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.Fragment_LoaderDependentTestCase
Fragment_LoaderIndependentTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the implementation of the org.xbrlapi.Fragment interface without doing a full data discovery using a LoaderImpl.
Fragment_LoaderIndependentTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.Fragment_LoaderIndependentTestCase
FragmentComparator - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
Facilitates sorting of fragments so that they can be organised into complete XML document in the right order.
FragmentComparator() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.FragmentComparator
FragmentComparatorTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the fragment comparator implementation.
FragmentComparatorTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.FragmentComparatorTestCase
FragmentDataContainerElementName - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.utilities.Constants
FragmentFactory<F> - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
Fragment instantiation factory used to create new fragments of the correct fragment type from data in the data store.
FragmentFactory() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.FragmentFactory
FragmentImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
Implements the functionality that is common to all types of XBRL fragments.
FragmentImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.FragmentImpl
FragmentRootElementName - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.utilities.Constants
FragmentTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the fragment interface implementation.
FragmentTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.FragmentTestCase