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Unit - Interface in org.xbrlapi
UnitAspect - Class in org.xbrlapi.aspects
Unit aspect details
UnitAspect(Domain) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.aspects.UnitAspect
UnitAspectValue - Class in org.xbrlapi.aspects
UnitAspectValue() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.aspects.UnitAspectValue
Missing aspect value constructor.
UnitAspectValue(Unit) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.aspects.UnitAspectValue
UnitDomain - Class in org.xbrlapi.aspects
UnitDomain(Store) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.aspects.UnitDomain
UnitImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
UnitImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.UnitImpl
UnitLabeller - Class in org.xbrlapi.aspects
A labeller for the unit aspect.
UnitLabeller(Aspect) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.aspects.UnitLabeller
UnitTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the implementation of the org.xbrlapi.Unit interface.
UnitTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.UnitTestCase
unparsedEntityDecl(String, String, String, String) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.sax.DTDHandler.tests.framework.Handler
UnspecifiedDisclosureReferenceRole - Static variable in class org.xbrlapi.utilities.Constants
UpdateAllRelationshipsInStore - Class in org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.utilities
Updates all relationships in the store to include the arc URI.
UpdateAllRelationshipsInStore(String[]) - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.utilities.UpdateAllRelationshipsInStore
updateInStore() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.impl.XMLImpl
updateInStore() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.XML
Updates the data store to reflect the current state of this XML object.
updateState(ElementState) - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.loader.Loader
If a fragment is completed, remove the fragment from the stack being maintained by the loader, store it in the data store and make the necessary update to the stack of child counts for the fragments.
updateState(ElementState) - Method in class org.xbrlapi.loader.LoaderImpl
URIEncodingAndDecodingTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.uri.framework.tests
URIEncodingAndDecodingTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.uri.framework.tests.URIEncodingAndDecodingTestCase
UsedOn - Interface in org.xbrlapi
UsedOnImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
UsedOnImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.UsedOnImpl
UsedOnTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the implementation of the org.xbrlapi.UsedOn interface.
UsedOnTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.UsedOnTestCase
useSchemaLocationAttributes() - Method in interface org.xbrlapi.loader.Loader
The default behaviour is to ignore the content of XML Schema instance schemaLocation attributes.
useSchemaLocationAttributes() - Method in class org.xbrlapi.loader.LoaderImpl