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OpenContextComponent - Interface in org.xbrlapi
OpenContextComponentImpl - Class in org.xbrlapi.impl
OpenContextComponentImpl() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.impl.OpenContextComponentImpl
OpenContextComponentTestCase - Class in org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the implementation of the org.xbrlapi.OpenContextComponent interface.
OpenContextComponentTestCase() - Constructor for class org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests.OpenContextComponentTestCase
org.xbrlapi.aspects.tests - package org.xbrlapi.aspects.tests
org.xbrlapi.builder.tests - package org.xbrlapi.builder.tests
Tests the XBRLAPI fragment builder implementation.
org.xbrlapi.cache.framework.tests - package org.xbrlapi.cache.framework.tests
Tests the caching framework - in particular the handling of file URLs.
org.xbrlapi.cache.tests - package org.xbrlapi.cache.tests
Tests the cache implementation.
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.aspects.tests - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.aspects.tests
Unit tests for the the in Store aspect value label caching system
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.dimensions - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.dimensions
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.render - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.render
Provides an example of loading and rendering the data in an XBRL instance.
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.tests - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.tests
Tests @link org.xbrlapi.bdbxml.examples.load.Load
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.utilities - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.examples.utilities
Example command-line programs that provide a variety of large database analysis and maintenance functions.
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.fragment.tests - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.fragment.tests
Unit tests for the data store using the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database.
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests
Unit tests for the data store using the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database.
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests.framework - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests.framework
Unit tests to ensure that the Oracle Berkeley DB XML database is working as expected.
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests.networks - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests.networks
org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests.query - package org.xbrlapi.data.bdbxml.tests.query
Unit tests to analyse Oracle Berkeley DB XML query performance.
org.xbrlapi.data.dom.tests - package org.xbrlapi.data.dom.tests
Tests the XML DOM data store implementation.
org.xbrlapi.data.dom.tests.framework - package org.xbrlapi.data.dom.tests.framework
Tests the XBRLAPI DOM + Saxon in-memory data store framework.
org.xbrlapi.data.exist.embedded.tests - package org.xbrlapi.data.exist.embedded.tests
Tests the embedded eXist data store.
org.xbrlapi.data.exist.embedded.tests.framework - package org.xbrlapi.data.exist.embedded.tests.framework
Tests the embedded Exist installation to ensure that it is operating as expected.
org.xbrlapi.data.exist.embedded.tests.networks - package org.xbrlapi.data.exist.embedded.tests.networks
Tests the embedded Exist data store handling of relationship persistence.
org.xbrlapi.data.exist.tests - package org.xbrlapi.data.exist.tests
Tests the eXist data management implementation.
org.xbrlapi.data.exist.tests.framework - package org.xbrlapi.data.exist.tests.framework
Tests the Exist installation to ensure that it is operating as expected.
org.xbrlapi.data.exist.tests.networks - package org.xbrlapi.data.exist.tests.networks
Tests the stand-alone Exist data store handling of relationship persistence.
org.xbrlapi.data.resource.tests - package org.xbrlapi.data.resource.tests
Tests the resource matching implementations.
org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests - package org.xbrlapi.fragment.tests
Tests the XBRLAPI implementation.
org.xbrlapi.grabber.tests - package org.xbrlapi.grabber.tests
org.xbrlapi.impl - package org.xbrlapi.impl
Provides the implementations of all of the objects that expose the XBRL data for the user of the XBRLAPI.
org.xbrlapi.loader.discoverer.tests - package org.xbrlapi.loader.discoverer.tests
org.xbrlapi.loader.tests - package org.xbrlapi.loader.tests
Tests the XBRLAPI document loader implementation.
org.xbrlapi.networks - package org.xbrlapi.networks
Provides XBRLAPI relationship networking classes.
org.xbrlapi.relationships.tests - package org.xbrlapi.relationships.tests
Tests the XBRLAPI implementation of networks and XLink relationships.
org.xbrlapi.sax.DTDHandler.tests.framework - package org.xbrlapi.sax.DTDHandler.tests.framework
Tests the features of the DTD handler used by the SAX parser to build a DTD in a DOM object.
org.xbrlapi.sax.identifiers.tests - package org.xbrlapi.sax.identifiers.tests
Tests the XBRLAPI fragment identification system.
org.xbrlapi.sax.tests - package org.xbrlapi.sax.tests
Tests the SAX handlers used to parse XML Documents into a DTS.
org.xbrlapi.tests - package org.xbrlapi.tests
org.xbrlapi.uri.framework.tests - package org.xbrlapi.uri.framework.tests
org.xbrlapi.utilities - package org.xbrlapi.utilities
Creates a new XML DOM (for use by the fragment builder).
org.xbrlapi.utils.tests - package org.xbrlapi.utils.tests
org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.tests - package org.xbrlapi.xdt.aspects.tests
org.xbrlapi.xdt.tests - package org.xbrlapi.xdt.tests
Provides unit testing for the XDT dimensions implementation.
org.xbrlapi.xdt.validation.tests - package org.xbrlapi.xdt.validation.tests
Provides unit testing for the XDT dimensions validation package.
org.xbrlapi.xlink.handler - package org.xbrlapi.xlink.handler
Defines XLink event handling required for XBRL DTS discovery.
org.xbrlapi.xlink.tests - package org.xbrlapi.xlink.tests
Tests the XLink processor and handler.
org.xbrlapi.xmlbase.tests - package org.xbrlapi.xmlbase.tests
Tests the XML Base processing implementation.
org.xbrlapi.xpointer.tests - package org.xbrlapi.xpointer.tests
Tests the X Pointer processing implementation.
org.xbrlapi.xsd.framework.tests - package org.xbrlapi.xsd.framework.tests