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Using Eclipse with XBRLAPI

Install Eclipse

Download and install the latest version of Eclipse for Java EE Developers. Extract it to create, say, the ~/programs/eclipse folder. Open Eclipse and and set the workspace to, say, the ~/eclipse directory.

Install a GIT plugin

Create a new project by checking it out from the XBRLAPI Sourceforge Subversion repository. First install Eclipse Subversive.

Use the Install new software option within Eclipse to find the collaboration tool plugins and install the Subversion one.

Check out the XBRLAPI project from the Sourceforge Subversion repository.

Open the Subversion repository exploring perspective in Eclipse via the windows/perspectives menu.

Set up the Subversion repository in Eclipse using URL:

Open the XBRLAPI subversion repository to show the branches, tags trunk and folders.

Select the trunk and choose check-out from the context menu to check it out as a project in Eclipse. That should set up the project "more or less" correctly.

In the "Java build path" project properties, add two libraries, one for the Java runtime library (if it is not there already) and one for the XBRLAPI project. (Use: ALT-ENTER => Java Build Path -> Add Library -> User Library) The one for the XBRLAPI project should contain all of the JAR files in the java/lib directory that is contained in the XBRLAPI project directory. This will ensure that the necessary third party JAR files are also on the class path.

Enable unit testing from Eclipse

Specify the location of the test configuration file. Under Windows->Preferences->Java->Installed JREs, for the JRE that you use for unit testing, edit the configuration and add the following parameter to the set of default virtual machine (VM) arguments:


You should now be able to run the full set of tests for the XBRL API except those depending on having external eXist databases launched or the embedded eXist database configured. See the eXist documentation for details of how to work with those modules. Also see the Berkeley XML Database setup instructions if you want to test the examples module or that database module itself.

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