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Examples of how to use XBRLAPI.

This page provides links to examples showing how the XBRLAPI can be used to work with XBRL data.

Most of the examples rely on having the Oracle Berkeley XML database installed. The data store maintenance examples are simple utilities that can be run from the commandline to perform a variety of operations on the data store. Their documentation is available in the Javadoc API documentation.

Requirements for running all examples:

You can download the required XBRLAPI JARs from Sourceforge. You can get suggestions on necessary installation and configuration steps from

Third-party JAR file dependencies can be found in the source repository for the XBRLAPI.

An example log4j logging configuration file is available for download from the source repository. Download it to your file system then adjust it and reference it as required.

Setting up the classpath can be nightmare in Java. If you are using the Sun Java 1.6 binaries, then it is worth taking a look at the Oracle classpath instructions. If those are not giving you joy, then take a look at two blogs (dirkeiler which discusses issues with getting the -classpath parameter working with wildcards.

The source code for the examples can be reviewed in the source repository.

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